Occupational and Physical Therapy Management of SCI: A Functional Treatment Approach

13 Years of Educating on SCI Treatment and Rehabilitation

Now in its 13th year, SCI Seminars presents a comprehensive approach to the treatment of the spinal cord injured client from onset of injury through acute inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation. Rehabilitation from moment of injury to "highest potential" is a lengthy, complex and extraordinary process requiring support from all medical disciplines, as well as family and friends.

Praise for SCI Training Seminars

"A very informative course with a lot of great, useful information."

"I found that a lot of the suggestions presented are also usable in other areas, such as TBI. The information is very useful to all individuals who have had experience or very little experience. There is something for everyone to learn."

This is a very valuable course for the SCI clinician as there are not many CE course options available. I think you both have provided a great overview of all the various topics and issues that effect the pt with SCI.

Presenters from several nationally recognized facilities share evidence-based and experienced-based treatment techniques and considerations through lectures, discussion and lab activities. View Course Outline.

Participants with all levels of experience will learn to more effectively and efficiently progress their clients with spinal cord injury to reach their highest functional level.

We offer seminars located throughout the country annually. For more information on locations and seminar details visit Seminar Locations.